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Aircraft Sourcing

We represent airlines that are seeking to buy or lease aircraft.


After consultative discussions with the client, we search the world for aircraft that meet their requirements. We are well connected with airlines and lessors, and are able to devise creative solutions. 


In addition to brokering the aircraft, we can also arrange financing for the acquisition, in the form of a financial lease. We can thereby offer a complete package to the client.

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ACMI/Charter Sales

We are a contracted sales agent for airlines, and market their aircraft for ACMI and full charter.

As a result of our extensive network of industry contacts, we can complement the efforts of an airline's commercial department, and extend the client's reach into untapped markets.

Scheduled airlines may benefit from supplementing their primary operations with ACMI/charter business, especially during the

low-season; in order to improve their aircraft utilization and productivity. 


Aircraft Remarketing

We represent airlines that are seeking to sell their aircraft.


Our remarketing efforts are conducted in a professional, organized and discreet fashion; by leveraging our existing, worldwide relationships with likely buyers.


Every project deserves special consideration, and begins with a thorough market analysis. A comprehensive sales strategy is devised and enacted. We provide guidance to our client, from the first meeting, until the closing of a successful transaction.  

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