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Commercial Aircraft Brokerage

The primary activity of our business is representing airlines that are seeking to acquire aircraft, either for purchase or lease.

After consultative discussions with the client, we search the world for "off market" aircraft that meet their requirements. We are well connected with the airlines and lessors of the world, and are able to devise creative solutions. 

In addition to brokering the aircraft, we are also able to arrange financing for the acquisition. We can thereby offer a complete package to the client.


Commercial Aircraft Financing

Often in conjunction with brokering the purchase of an aircraft, we can arrange financing for the acquisition, in the form of a financial lease. 

A financial lease is also known as a lease-to-purchase, wherein a third party financier purchases the aircraft at our direction, which then leases it to our client. Upon the completion of the lease term, the title of the aircraft transfers to the lessee, which then owns it outright.

We can also arrange sale-leaseback transactions, wherein a financier purchases an aircraft or even an entire fleet, and leases it back to the airline on financial lease terms. 

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ACMI and Charter

Leveraging our worldwide relationships with airlines, we can arrange custom ACMI (wet) leases, in addition to organizing charter programs.


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